• 26 year old looking for year long accommodation in Paris

    Hi, my name is Gauri, I will be moving to Paris to begin my PhD studies. I'm looking for flatmates/accomodation in Paris from September onwards.? I'm hoping to find people with who I can not only explore Paris, but also learn French from!? Feel free to reach out! :)

    14 minutes ago
  • 23 year old from Scotland living in Paris for working for a startup

    My name is Jim, I'm 23 years old from Scotland and pre-covid took a job at a startup in Paris.? I am moving back to Paris early September and looking for people to share accommodation with. My preferences are le marais, (3,4), pigalle (9th) or the center.? Interested...

    5 hours ago
  • two female students looking for flatmate/s

    Hi! We are two students from London, currently studying at University College London and looking for a flatmate/flatmates to live with for our year abroad. We are both studying at SciencesPo for the entire year.? We are both very chill, easy going, social people. We...

    7 hours ago
  • 21 year old guy looking for flatmates from September - Paris

    Hi, I'm Tzveti, I'm a 21 year old erasmus student looking for flatmates / accomodation in Paris from September onwards. I study Arts and Sciences at UCL and will be doing a year abroad at Science Po. At the moment I'm only signed up for term 1 and am looking to find...

    1 day ago
  • 20 year old girl looking for flatmates from September

    ? Premium

    Hi, I'm Ella, a 20 year old student studying French and Spanish looking for accomodation in Paris from September-June(ish), and am hoping to improve my french during the year. I am currently studying at the University of Cambridge but am taking an Erasmus year and will...

    2 days ago
  • 20 Year old girl, looking for room to Rent in Paris

    Hi i'm Isobel, 20 years old and a student of French and German. I will be working in Paris between September and end of January, as part of my year abroad at uni. I am looking for a flat share during this time, preferably with French speakers so i can practice my...

    5 days ago
  • International relations master's student (24 years old) looking for a room to rent in Paris

    I am a recent graduate of Barnard College (Columbia University), I currently work for the Los Angeles City Council as a housing policy analyst, and I will be moving to Paris in the summer of 2020 to attend Sciences Po's International Public Management master's program....

    6 months ago
  • 22 year old female student, seeking accommodation in Paris.

    Hi! I'm Jerrisa! I'll be doing a semester at EFAP Paris School of Communication from September 2020 to December 2020 and I'm looking for a studio or a room in a shared apartment. I'm outgoing and friendly, but will also give my mates their space. Plus, I cook and bake!...

    8 days ago
  • 22 Year Old Girl Looking for Flatmates

    Hi, I'm Grace, I'm 22 years old. I am Irish and have lived the last 4 years in Dublin while at university, but I?grew up in the Caribbean. I am planning on moving to Paris in September ahead of starting an International Business Masters at EMLV in November. I'm looking...

    10 days ago
  • Looking for a flat buddy to rent a apartment in Paris!

    Hi! My name is Anniek, I am 20 years old and I live in The Netherlands. I am a Graphic Design student and next year (2021) I will do my internship for school, which I would love to do in Paris. Because it can be quite overwelming to stay for six months in a new city...

    13 days ago
  • Film student looking for female flatmates in Paris

    Hi! My semester begins in October, so I wish to move sometime in September. I'm mainly looking for other females around my age who'd like a decent place to stay while studying/working for at least a year. I'd say I'm a bit shy and serious at first, but I'll quickly seem...

    14 days ago
  • 19 year old girl, film student, looking for potential roommates (or new friends!)

    Hey! My name is Maia and im a 19 year old student from the US. Im studying film in Paris for the next two years. I spent the last school year in Paris and will be going back in August. I've studied french for several years (but not fully fluent) so it would be fun to...

    13 days ago
  • 20 year old British student looking for female flatmate(s)

    Hi, i'm Chesca! I'm a 20 year old student looking to share accomodation with some french speaking students as I'm very keen to improve my french. I am currently studying at the University of Bristol but will be studying at La Nouvelle Sorbonne III from September 2020-...

    17 days ago
  • Hello, I’m Bonnie and I’m 21. Im moving to Paris late August for 10 months on a work/study programme

    Hello, I‘m Bonnie, 21 and from Brighton, UK. I have just completed a degree in psychology and education in Bristol and I am coming to Paris for a work/study placement in early education.? I am a very sociable person and love meeting new people and going on...

    19 days ago
  • 22y-old Belgian boy looking after flatmates

    Hello, I am Nathan a 22-year-old architecture student from Belgium. I am going to attend at La Villette next year and I am looking for roomies to share an apartment. Over the last 4 years I’ve been studying in Auckland, Liege, Montpellier and Milan. So I'm used to...

    20 days ago
  • 23 year old girl looking for a roommate in Paris.

    I am an Art History and Psychology student looking for an apartment and a roommate in Paris. I am looking for an apartment in the 16eme, 18eme, 19eme, or 20eme. I have been living in Paris for the last 4 years. I speak 7 languages(English, French, and 5 Indian...

    21 days ago
  • 20 year old student looking for accommodation in Paris

    Hey! I'm Francesca, a 20 year old student studying at University of Exeter, spending a year (Mid-August - August) working abroad in Paris as part of my degree in English and French. I'm looking for some people to rent with, preferably other students or people of a...

    22 days ago
  • 26 yo looking for roommate in Paris and a place with a nice kitchen

    I came to Paris recently and looking to move in a new place by August 01. I like cooking, anime, manga, and cycling. I'm looking to have a nice place with a decent kitchen and space to put my bike in. Ideally, the place has 2 to 4 people. If you maybe interested, let's...

    23 days ago
  • 20 (male) looking for accommodation/roommate in Paris

    Hello! I'm an American student, and I'll be in Paris for two years on a Fulbright Research/Study grant to do a research master's program in cognitive science at PSL (ENS/EHESS/UPD).? I'm looking for a shared apartment (for the first year, though if things are working...

    24 days ago
  • 20 year old Scottish student looking for colocation in Paris

    Hello ! I'm a 20 year old Scottish student currently studying French and History of Art in Glasgow and I will be spending my year abroad (September-July) at Paris 3. I'm looking to start a lease on 1st August but I wouldn't mind moving in a bit later if necessary (my...

    24 days ago

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