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Erasmus blog Brussels

  • Brussels

    Hi everyone! Continuing with my trips as an Erasmus student in Belgium, in this post I'm going to write about my experience in the Belgian capital: Brussels. What to see in Brussels? All journeys in Brussels always start in the same place: la Grand-Place or Grote Markt,...

    0 by Holly, one month ago
  • Brussels in 2 days

    After an incredible year on British soil, my traveller's heart couldn't, nor wanted to stay still. I wanted more. And the same thing happened to my friend. Before going to study in Lille for a month, we couldn't miss the opportunity to see a little bit of the Belgian...

    0 by Emma, 7 months ago
  • 10 places you cant miss out on in Brussels

    Hi, everyone! Today I want to talk to you about a city I visited a couple of years ago. It is the capital of Belgium, and I stayed there for a few days. Honestly, it is not a really big city so in those days we had enough time to see the city more or less in-depth. I...

    0 by Olivia, 7 months ago
  • My first week in Brussels

    My first week in Brussels As I knew I was coming to Brussels a lot of time before, I started looking for a room in advance and I found many good offers. The average for a good place is around 400-475 € per month, but if your stay is longer than five months, you...

    0 by Ana Maria, one year ago
  • Brussels City

    The capital of Belgium is known for being the main seat of the EU and NATO ... and it is famous for its tasty waffles! A famous attraction which is not on these photos is the Mannekenpis, a statue of a boy taking a pee. The grey skyline of high skyscrapers shows you...

    0 by Jan, one year ago
  • Brussels Unhealthy Obsession with Peeing

    The Manneken Pis The Manneken Pis, meaning 'Little Man Wee' in Flemish is the beloved symbol of the City of Brussels and is perhaps the country's most well-known landmark. It is a 61cm tall bronze statue of a small boy peeing into the fountain basin below is said to...

    0 by Boats, 2 years ago
  • Choosing where to live

    Before you leave When moving to Brussels the first thing to consider is where to live? Brussels, being the capital of Belgium, is a large city with 19 different municipalities, each with it's style and character. Their French names are as...

    0 by Boats, 2 years ago
  • Wanderlust takes me to Brussels

    So my Erasmus journey is coming to its end soon, the effects of it, however, I am sure will last forever. Before going back to Turkey, I decided to have one last trip to some of the countries I had not been to yet. So I made a 7-8 days travelling plan for Belgium,...

    0 by Saba, 2 years ago
  • Belgian beer - Le Poechenllekelder Brewery

    Belgian beer - a famous european bear with Asia Belgian beer is not exaggerated is famous throughout Europe, no one does not know. In terms of taste, as I have been in Germany, I strongly believe that Belgian beer can be said to be good enough for comparing to Czech...

    2 by Hoàng, 2 years ago
  • Manneken Pis - The story of the little boy peeing in Brussels

    My first place I want to visit in Brussels When I arrived in Belgium, the first place I wanted to visit would be the famous statue of the little boy, the icon of Brussels. It was a cold and rainy day, Mrs. Hoa was my mother's student, and she led me to visit the...

    2 by Hoàng, 2 years ago
  • Belgium - Tips for travelling with public transport.

    Source Before I started to share with you guys some tips about transporation in Belgium, I had to admit that from the very beginning I din't intend to visit Belgium. For me, Belgium was kind of a small, half French and half Dutch country. However, after HIen, she has...

    0 by Hoàng, 2 years ago
  • Brussels in a Day

    I took a day trip to Brussels while I was on Erasmus in Gent. It was easy enough to get the train there from Gent. Myself and a friend decided to take a bus tour around the city as we could fit everything in. Our ticket actually covered two different lines so we took...

    0 by Maoilíosa, 3 years ago
  • Brussels!

    Belgium waffle, amazing beer and park Mini-Europe. For me Brussels was interesting city. Crazy night life, multi-national friends and architecture. I can not tell that I knew Belgium well, but 3 days for me was enough to understood that I like it. This city was our...

    0 by Karyna, 3 years ago
  • What's the cheapest way of travelling around Belgium and Holland?

    After having arrived safely in Brussels, we were now asking ourselves the same question we had a few days before in the city of ?ód?; how could we save as much on transport as possible? This is something you definitely have to think about, since far from being stingy...

    0 by Helen, 4 years ago
  • Atomium and European Parliament

    The Atomium of Brussels For the next day I hadn't set up an alarm but anyway I woke up at 8 a. m. Because it was quite noisy outside. I had a small breakfast with the food I had bought the evening before and got ready for my second day in Brussels. There was no window...

    0 by Jenny, 4 years ago
  • Starting or... already involved in this crazy Erasmus adventure

    Now, after a few months of crazy stories, new friends, new places, laughs, tears, and overall lots of fun, it's being the right time to transmit the experience and keep a record in how an Erasmus goes and evolves into a great experience with lots of memories that will...

    0 by Lucía, 9 years ago

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